Here’s a Handy Field Guide to Advertising’s Worst Types of Clients

By Bob Marshall 


Clients: Aren’t they just the worst?

Sure, you wouldn’t have a job without them, and a total absence of clients would render the advertising industry completely non-existent. But, wouldn’t it be nice if they just stopped telling you what to do? Wouldn’t it be just a total thrill if they all realized that YOU know what’s best for their brand better than THEY do. YOU are the smart one. THEY’RE just here to ruin your impeccable work. The rest of the world should know that YOU, dear advertising genius, have a difficult life because of clients.

Well, digital agency Ciplex has created a nifty “Little Miss” inspired PokeDex field guide to help you identify what type of client you’re dealing with. The gang’s all here, from “Mr. Everything’s an Emergency” to “Ms. I Hate That Color for No Reason” to “Mr. I Needed This Done Yesterday.”

As you chuckle to yourself, following-up by probably saying aloud, “Boy golly, do I ever know that guy” and then forwarding it to your creative partner, you may wonder, what would a brand’s version of an advertising agency look like? Would it include “Mr. Based This Hip Design Off of Something Your Target Demo Wouldn’t Understand,” “Ms. Your Brand Needs to Update Its Facebook Page More With Pictures of Cats,” or “Mr. I Got My Degree In Creative Writing So I Am Above You”? View Ciplex’s full infographic here.