Here Are the Ads Coors Light Decided Not to Run

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in April, Coors Light chose to nix an entire campaign created by its AOR Cavalry.

At the time, AdAge reported that the company had no choice but to abandon the work “because [the] ads did not go over well with distributors,” that wholesalers were concerned over the company’s lack of a full marketing campaign, and that the client/agency were rushing to get a new one ready for June.

The purpose of the work was to endear the brand to younger drinkers, who increasingly turn to companies other than MillerCoors to meet their alcoholic needs.


The public at large never saw the work in question, but today a tipster alerted us to the fact that Cavalry Creative Director Devon Harris recently posted it all on his Vimeo page.

Here, then, is the “Cold One” campaign. In the first spot, the Lebowski-era-Sam-Elliott-esque star tells a group of travelers thirsty for knowledge why Coors Light tastes so refreshing: because it was born in the Rockies, stupid.

Then Cold One and his pet owl Jonathan then explain why Coors Light is indeed the world’s most refreshing beer:

The next question: “why is Coors Light always bottled cold?”

Here’s a quick promo for the company’s new “Citrus Radler”:

…and another in whichCold One attempts to answer “Life’s Questions”:

Now compare the work above to the new work, which debuted last night during the NBA Finals:

The new work sticks to the “Born in the Rockies” theme, though it’s a bit flatter than the Cold One campaign. We don’t quite understand why the former got dropped, but something tells us the old ads won’t be live much longer.

In other recent Cavalry news, last month a source confirmed that Chief Creative Officer Jim Larmon would soon be leaving the agency; expect an announcement regarding his replacement soon.