Here Are Some Updated Stats on TBG’s ‘Is Pinterest’ Project

By Kiran Aditham 

By now, you’ve perhaps heard of yet another Barbarian Group online experiment called “Is Pinterest,” which asks the question if the latest social networking phenom is the next Facebook among other things (well, that answers our question according to the image above). The dev team over at TBG happened to send us over some stats for the effort, which will provide you with an answer once you fill in the blanks. Surprisingly, Whitney Houston cracked the top 10. See the stats below:
Total Page Views: 7012
Total Unique Visitors: 1605
Total Word Submissions: 3474

Total Tweets: 106
Total Likes: 61


Top Word Submissions:

383 Faceboook
210 Virtual pinboard
162 Twitter
133 Pinterest
91 Google
75 Big thing
57 Etch a Sketch
49 Tumblr
47 Whitney Houston
42 Iran
40 Celebrity sex tape
39 Mockingjay
33 MySpace
27 Catalogue of interest
25 Dog
22 Awesome
22 Visual bookmarking tool
17 Apple
16 Black
15 Failure
13 Flickr
12 Collaborative moodboard
10 Barbarian Group
10 Corgi