Help! We Need Somebody!

By SuperSpy 

Sometimes we get stuck and we need your help to get the tires spinning again. We have some questions. Do you have the answers?

1. We’re looking for a Sally, in London, who works at the Diversified Agency Services division of Omnicom. We don’t know her last name, which had made looking for her a wee bit difficult.


2 Do you know of any love matches made in advertising? Seriously. Tomorrow is V-Day and we’re on the look out for couples who are both in advertising. Come on… advertising totally has a heart. A big one in fact.

3. We’re interested in hearing about 180la. Yes, they have some Sony business, some Adidas stuff and it looks like 90% of that work is interactive. What else are they up to since their office opened this past May?

4. Suggestions for the Clio’s. What do you think the Clio’s could do to make you give a shit about them? Seriously. Fire away. No, we’re not working for them. We want to a compile a list to send their way. Hey, they’re apparently open to change. Let’s take them up on that.