HelloFlo Introduces ‘The Period Fairy’

By Erik Oster 

HelloFlo CEO Naama Bloom once again teamed up with production company Senza Pictures and Sara Saedi, the copywriter behind “Postpartum: The Musical,” for the mockumentary ad “The Period Fairy,” promoting the brand’s Period Starter Kit.

The real star of the ad isn’t the titular magical maven of menarche but rather the young feminist telling her story, Lilian Dyer, who attempts to track down the “vagical” creature and interviews former friends and colleagues such as The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Cupid. She examines how the shero, who originally went by Flo White and then The Lord of the Strings, broke through the glass ceiling at The Department of Mythical Creatures (characterized as an old boys club) to gain success before selling a period tracking app and retiring to Boca (where no one gets their period). Lilian concludes the vagical creature “may have been lost to history but not herstory,” and decides that instead of looking for a shero, she’ll be one herself. The spot ends with a shot of the Hello Flo Period Starter Kit and the hashtag #MakeItVagical.


If the young investigative journalist brings to mind Rachel Maddow, that’s not an accident. “She reminded us of Rachel Maddow, and we thought that was a perfect archetype for our feminist-in-training, Lilian Dyer,” Bloom told Adweek, referring to the young actress cast in the spot. “When I think about creating video content,” she added, “the most important element for HelloFlo is that we have strong female characters who are both relatable and culturally aware.”


Client: HelloFlo
Production Company: Senza Pictures
Written by: Sara Saedi
Produced by: Brandi Savitt
Casting by: Wulf Casting
Music by: Found Objects
Director of Photography: Mark Schwartzbard
Editor: David Fishel
Art Director: Ally Nesmith
Costume Designer: Deirdra Govan
Sound Mixer: Wil Masisak
Production Coordinator: Julia Brady
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Levine
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Stern
Gaffer: GT Womack
Key Grip: Ben Hunt
Swing/Driver: Joe Chiofalo
Set Costumer/Tailor: Olivia Fuks
Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Theis
Assistant Camera: Noelle Kandigian
Boom Operator:  Matt King
Assistant Art Director: Nelson Mestril
Production Assistant: Jordan Floyd