Heineken, W+K Bring Broken Social Scene to Occasionally Perfect Chicago

By Bob Marshall 

Last month, W+K and Heineken turned a NoHo billboard into an outdoor music venue for TV on the Radio (much to the chagrin of Shiner). Well, it seems as though Heineken’s “occasionally perfect” combination of indie rock and imported beer is going on a nationwide tour, with its second stop in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood.

Home to the never perfect Chicago Cubs, Wrigleyville is not as full of hipsters and indie nerds as the above video suggests. In fact, its three chief exports might be backwards trucker hat-wearing tourists, STDs and Rufinol. But, it turns out that all you need is popular Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene to get bespectacled music fans to brave the cruel weather and travel from Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square to Wrigleyville against their better judgment. After all, the area surrounding Wrigley Field is commonly viewed as being Old Style country, and many Chicagoans (at least Wrigleyville residents) will tell you with great certainty that Old Style is somehow from the Windy City despite the type on the can saying otherwise.


In any case, thousands of fans showed up to the billboard on Wednesday night, despite the cold weather, to rock out with a solid live band. A couple people even danced, which is a rarity in Chicago. So, credit Heineken for at least getting a few disengaged people to jump up and down for a while.