Heineken, Where Interns Get Standing Ovations

By Jordan Teicher 

It must be great to work for Heineken: sales are up from the post-Bond boom, and your job deals with beer. For someone young looking to enter the workforce, you could do worse than to land an internship with the third largest brewer in the world. Apparently, 1,734 applicants felt the same way and entered Heineken International’s contest to win an event and sponsorship internship. However, this is no ordinary job search. The Italian arm of agency Publicis created an online campaign for “The Candidate,” where users could vote on the best applicants as they reacted to a serious of not-so-spontaneous hidden-camera challenges.

I’m not sure what any of the challenges have to do with the actual position–accompanying the UEFA Champion’s League Trophy on a world tour through May 25th–but if the winner could beat out 1,733 peers AND get a (staged) standing ovation from current Heineken employees, he must be doing something right. I thought the internship required travel, so why is he walking through an office? Must be a European thing.


No word yet on whether the position has a salary, but judging the global economy, he’ll probably receive a measly stipend for beer and end up unemployed in four months. Cheers. Credits after the jump.

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