Heat, NFL Give ‘Madden To The People’

By Michael Musco 

The NFL along with San Francisco-based Heat administer a TV, cinema, and online campaign for the August 10 launch of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 11 featuring six scenarios where NFL pros surprise unsuspecting real fans with game delivery and play.

The scenarios mentioned include the San Diego Chargers’ Antonio Gates dropping in unexpected at the home of an older, lapsed gamer. Houston Texan Mario Williams and perennial Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis lead arch-rival Dallas high school football teams, the L.D. Bell Blue Raiders and the Trinity Trojans, in an online 3-on-3 and Charger Luis Castillo surprises an awestruck 11-year-old at his birthday party. Other TV-only cameos are by Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald and Minnesota Vikings player Jared Allen.


This campaign will run on national broadcast, cable, and the NCM cinema network, plus Facebook. Wieden+Kennedy, like with some other EA projects, serves as the media agency.

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