HBO GO, SS+K Screen Sex Scenes for You, Your Parents and Your Little Sister

By Patrick Coffee 

In what we’ll call a creative take on those universally awkward coming-of-age moments experienced by everyone fortunate enough to live in a house equipped with HBO, SS+K advertises the network’s streaming service by reminding viewers of the scenes that would be particularly painful to watch with mom, dad and your little sister.

Our favorite part of this campaign is its acknowledgement–nay, embrace–of the fact that very few young people currently using HBO GO actually subscribe to the network.

The lineup of vices is extensive, covering everything from incest:

…to awkward body image issues:


…to that never-comfortable “It’s OK if you’re gay” conversation:

…and the moment that needs no explanation:

On the less scandalous front, this final spot makes light of the fact that any given “Game of Thrones” episode contains at least one side plot too many:

Now imagine how much more awkward these clips would be if the client were Cinemax and the year were 1994.

Agency: SS+K

Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Hershfield

Senior Copywriter: Lindsey Lanpher

Copywriter: Richard Tseng

SVP, Director of Production & Innovation: John Swartz

Senior Producer: Kim Cross

SVP, Digital Strategy and Innovation: Kevin Skobac

VP, Group Account Director: Jennifer Barr


Production Company: O Positive

Director: David Shane

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Executive Producer: Ken Licata

Director of Photography: Marc Laliberte Else


Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler

Editors: Gavin Cutler and Ryan Steele

Post Producer: Evan Meeker