Havas Worldwide Chicago Launches ‘Streaker’ for DishLATINO

By Erik Oster 

Havas Worldwide Chicago has launched a new campaign for DishLATINO, “the category leader for Spanish Tier Pay TV satellite subscription services.”

The campaign, entitled “Streaker” is built around a 30-second online spot starring Eugenio Derbez. During a fictional match between Barcelona and Manchester City, Derbez runs onto the field wearing nothing but sneakers and interferes with a play. The humorous approach is designed to raise awareness and drive subscriptions for the service among viewers. The brand leaked a grainy, seemingly amateur version of the footage to build anticipation of the launch, which went on to gain over 2 million views on YouTube. DishLATINO also created sensationalized newspaper wraps across Latino markets in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and Houston “reporting” on the streaking incident and subsequent arrest. On April Fool’s Day, the brand finally revealed the streaker’s identity and impetus for the stunt.


“Pay TV is one of the most challenging consumer categories, with extremely high levels of customer dissatisfaction,” said Jason Peterson, chief creative officer, Havas Worldwide Chicago & North America, in a statement. “We’re really proud to launch this new campaign because it’s a testament to power of understanding your consumer base and finding a way, through story-telling, social savvy, and finding the perfect spokesperson, to cut through the clutter and create positive emotions around your brand.”


Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Group Creative Director: Bernardo Gomez
Copywriter: Mario Reinoso
Art Director: Baltazar Rosiles
Media Account Director: Christa Chavez
Account Executive: Sabrina Avilés, Marcella Astini
Head of Production: David Evans
Producer: Gilda Zevallos
Director: Nico Entel, Pix TAlarico
Production Company: Red Creek
Post-Production Company: Makiné
Sound Studio: Tono Estudios