Havas to ‘Purge’ New York Office Next Week, Like It or Not

By Patrick Coffee 

So, what’s happening over at Havas now that they’re all one big happy Vivendi family?

Internal makeovers!

According to Havas New York’s latest narrative, shared on its official Instagram and Snapchat accounts, there will be some big changes coming next week … to office decor.

Here’s the story, labeled “PSA.”

We left out a couple of screens, but you get the general idea: the Bolloré family is not fond of clutter. It would seem that they are all aboard the minimalism train, what with the lack of all personal items, desk plants, lights, and other such space wasters.

In all seriousness, we are aware that Havas designed its New York office very carefully so as to force people to interact with one another within the self-contained “Village.” So maybe this is a psychological plan to get rid of all potential distractions and enable everyone to focus even more intently on getting that work done.

“No Plants. No Frames. No Clutter.” is kinda like “No Silo, No Solo, No Bozo,” right?

Management would NOT approve of the official AgencySpy desk, covered as it is in agency swag (read: crap), forgotten business cards, bottles of rosé (eww) and books of work that we will definitely never open.

This has been your most important Serious Journalism story of the week.