Havas Paris Strategically Hides The Most Objectionable Parts of This Dad’s Bod

By Patrick Coffee 

We don’t know about things where you guys are, but it’s dull and dreary here in Manhattan, and last night’s Game of Thrones is somehow less exciting in retrospect.

On that note, here’s a fun little jam fit for a Monday from Havas’ Paris HQ.

It’s a spot for Krys optical centers, which kind of makes sense because glasses are the only thing this unfortunate dad is wearing.


According to the pitch, it’s all about how “When we wear cheap glasses, we feel even more ridiculous than being in the most awkward situation.” We don’t think it’s the glasses making him embarrassed, but go on.

Director Jean-Baptiste Saurel also makes movies, one of which has a French title that translates to “The Dick Slap,” so this piece will not be surprising to his fans.

Another little detail: that song you hear in the background is “True Survivor” by… David Hasselhoff.

That was one of the many ways in which this ad could not possibly be more European. “Don’t be ashamed of your glasses anymore!” the copy reads, and we feel like the translation kind of works here? At any rate, it made for an amusing minute of one’s life.


Agency: Havas Paris
Client: Krys
Campaign: “The Dancer”

Creative Director: Stéphane Gaubert
Artistic Directors: Jordan Molina, Didier Richarth
Copywriter: Ludovic Miège
TV producer: Philippine Domenech

Production: BIG
Director: Jean Baptiste Saurel
Producer: Raphael Carassic
Production manager: Nicolas Avram

Post-production: HRCLS
President: Christopher Thiery
Post-productor: Louise Trojani
Montage: Benjamin Weill
Calibrator: Muriel Archambaud
VFX: Guillaume Dehoulle & Jeremy Maillard

Sound production: HRCLS
Film Music: True Survivor by David Hasselhoff
Sound Identity: Mimmi Steel – Klearly
Sound Producer: Ivan Jovanovic
Sound Designers: Alex Louboutin & Benjamin Falsimagn