Havas Attempts To Innovate

By SuperSpy 

Umair Haque, London Business School graduate, Harvard staffer, author, new media economist and consultant (his company is called Bubble Generation) has is heading up the Havas Media Lab. The lab is slated as a new kind of strategic advisor that helps investors, entrepreneurs, and firms experiment with, craft, and drive radical management, business model, and strategic innovation.

Haque described the lab on his blog:


“I’ve been working with the team at Havas for quite a while. They rock, and we all have a deeply felt interest in reinventing media, marketing, and brands.

The Lab happened because I don’t think any of the standard models – venture funds, corporates, firms, etc – can really make it happen (or else it would be happening).

Hence, the need for a new kind of entity, which is focused on driving new ideas – but also focused on igniting experimentation and discovery.”

Good for Havas for going outside the advertising box to get some fresh blood into the business. What the Havas Media Lab will look like? Stay tuned.