hasan&partners Chief Lets It All Hang Out

By Patrick Coffee 

Does your office include a steam room? And why not?

We shouldn’t be surprised by this clip after witnessing hasan&partners chief Ami Hasan undergo voluntary shock therapy back in April. But this faux news segment, in which a “reporter” casts Hasan as the ultimate guide to Helsinki as it prepares to host the Eurobest festival, took us aback for some reason.

It’s a little slow to start; you may even miss the subtlest joke around the 1:16 mark:


Did you get all that?

For the record, Mark Maher is not journalist, but he is a copywriter who serves as hasan&partners’ “sole native English specialist.”

Unfortunately, Maher has yet to sell us on the Helsinki experience. We’re also very disappointed to report that the site listed at the end of the video, in which Hasan promises to give us more “restaurant, sightseeing and sauna tips,” does not exist…yet.