Hardy Har; Your April Fools’ Day Advertising-ish Roundup

By Matt Van Hoven 

When I was a kid, one April Fools’ day we lined my dad’s underwear with itching powder. Luckily he wasn’t allergic, but he was pissed. Some of the best stuff we’ve seen in the media over the years include Gmail’s e-mail unsender, NPR’s story about the Queen of England opening the palace as a hotel and a litany of others. In retrospect they weren’t so great but for whatever reason we believed them at the time.


Did someone pull a great prank in your office? Let us know. Matt at mediabistro.com or superspyin at gmail.com. Enjoy.

&#151 Ahh! YouTube is upside down. link

&#151 Screw ink. The Guardian is all Twitter now. link

&#151 GPS equipped pigeons for consumer targeting. link

&#151 Organic needs a Sr. Contributor/Re-tweeter. link

&#151 Razorfish Sydney created a “Tweet doubler” that gives you 140 chars. This might be legit? link

&#151 iPro interviewed Harry Crane from MadMen. Why not Draper? lame. link

&#151 Google AutoPilot is a program that auto responds to e-mail/chat. You can modify brevity, spelling errors etc. Oh wait no you can’t, it’s fake. link

&#151 Tonight on South Park, an episode called, “Eat. Play. Queef.” sets up the boys in an April Fools’ prank. link

&#151 Bjork joins Led Zepplin. Snarf snarf. link

&#151 Reddit is in need of rebranding. link

&#151 TiVo SuperAdvance lets you record shows before they finish airing. Who would even use this were it real? Bloggers, that’s who. link

&#151 Might not be a joke, but the Conficker worm has yet to bring down the Webs. link