Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a F****d-Up Air Conditioner Spot from Argentina

By Bob Marshall 

As the chilly pangs of winter draw nigh, it’s a great time to remember that, hey, if you were living in South America right now, it would now be summer. It’s because hemispheres and weather patterns and poles and the Earth’s rotation and other things I don’t quite understand, but the southern hemisphere experiences opposite weather patterns that we have up north. This is why there is an air conditioner ad in your AgencySpy this morning.

This spot for BGH comes from Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina. The concept evolves around a creepy voyeuristic shut-in being the personification of an air conditioner. As things end up taking a pretty bad turn around the 45-second mark, it’s hard not to reflect on two things: 1. This spot would never run in the U.S. and 2. Your own demented broadcast concepts will never be made unless you leave the country.


So, as you give thanks this holiday weekend, remember that your life would be so much better in you were in Argentina. Then laugh, because we all know that’s not true. I mean, football, AMIRITE? Credits after the jump.

Client: BGH
Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff / Mariano Serkin
Creative Directors: Diego Medvedocky / Ignacio Ferioli
Copywriters: Matías Eusebi / Nicolás Diaco
Art Directors: Ammiel Fazzari / Ezequiel De Luca
Agency Producer: Adrián Aspani / Lucila D’Amico / Felipe Calviño
Account Director: Jaime Vidal
Account Executive: Manuela Sorzana
Production Company: MJZ / Labhouse
Director: Juan Cabral
Executive Producer: Debbie Turner / Flora Fernandez Marengo
Producer: Natalia Mussolana
DP: Bárbara Álvarez
Postproduction: Bitt Animation
Editor: Emiliano Fardaus
Music: Circle of Sound
Sound: La Casa Post
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Ezequiel Devoto / Daniel Rosenfeld / Verónica Moglia