Happy Thanksgiving, From Peta

By Matt Van Hoven 

Peta chimes in for the Thanksgiving holiday with a spot called “Grace” where a young girl is asked to pay homage to whomever for the big bountiful meal set before her and her family. She pipes up willingly, giving thanks for the poop, chemicals and other unsavory things in the turkey’s skin.

So if you’re going to eat a turkey this week, be thankful for your mind’s ability to forget this ad. Or think about it with every delicious, tryptophan-filled bite.

Advertising Agency: Matter, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Director: Dan Neri
Copywriter: Brian Miller
Producer: Jeff Maier
Production Company: Über Content, Los Angeles
Director: Dave Laden
Executive Producers: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig, Steve Wi
Line Producer: Tom Lowe
Director of Photography: Darko Suvak
Editorial Company: Arcade Edit, Los Angeles
Editor: Patrick Griffin
Executive Producer, Arcade Edit: Damian Stevens
Post Producer: Ali Reed
Visual Effects: Airship Post, Los Angeles
Smoke Artist: Chris Homel
Telecine: Company 3, Los Angeles
Telecine Producer, Company 3: Matt Moran
Colorist: Steve Rodriguez
Mix: Wholly Cow, Los Angeles
Mixers: Steve Gregan and Sara
Composer: Johnny Sabino, Mystique-Music, Los Angeles

Via AdsOfTheWorld

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