Hans and Franz Pump It Up in DDB’s Latest #DoubleCheck Spot

By Claire Daniel 

Just in time for the start of football season comes the possibly anticipated Hans and Franz #DoubleCheck spot from DDB — a follow-up to the “makin’ copies” ad that aired during the MTV VMAs.

Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon’s classic SNL characters surprise Aaron Rodgers’ “Discount Double Check® Guy” in the gym and offer to pump up his workout as a token of thanks:


The nostalgia is effective in this spot, probably because Hans and Franz was always a better skit than anything involving Rob Schneider.

Beyond making us feel old, the campaign has received a nice round of social media applause among its target demographic:



Question, though: what happened to Dana Carvey’s career and Kevin Nealon’s hairline?


Client: State Farm

Agency: DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Group Creative Directors: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes
Chief Digital Officer: Joe Cianciotto
Group Strategy Director: Gustavo de Mello
Group Business Director: Penn French
Director of Production: Diane Jackson
Executive Producer: Scott Kemper
Producer: Luke LiManni
Director: Hank Perlman, Hungry Man
Editing: Cutters (Grant Gustafson, Matt Walsh, Aaron Kiser, Patrick Casey)
Finishing: Filmworkers (Rob Churchill, Daniel Pernikoff, Derek de Board)


—Hans & Franz
Creative Directors, Art Directors: Brian Boord, Andrew Bloom
Creative Directors, Copywriter: Chad Broude, Nathan Monteith
Art Director: Chris Bruney