Hamsters Drop Old-School Hip-Hop in Latest Soul Spot

By Kiran Aditham 

David&Goliath not only revives the hamsters, but dusts off Black Sheep’s early 90’s hip-hop classic “The Choice is Yours” for the follow-up to the agency’s award-winning Kia Soul spot. The tune’s refrain “you can get with this or you can get with that” fits rather nicely in this 60-second spot and gives the characters ample space to talk trash about their fellow hamsters’ limited modes of transportation.

The trips through the b-ball court, barber shop and record store are a nice touch, though one can only assume that they’ll wear out our nostalgia by overplaying this like the automaker’s Super Bowl spot. And while we think they might be overshooting things a bit, the Hamstar-logoed clothing seen in this spot will soon be available for purchase here. Credits after the jump…

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Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Associate Creative Director: Rodrigo Butori
Copywriter: Noah Phillips
Executive Producer, Managing Director: Carol Lombard
Managing Partner, Group Client Director: Russell Wager

Production Company: Partizan
Director: Antoine Bardou Jacquet
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro
Executive Producer: Sheila Stepanek
Line Producer: Louis Saint-Calibre

Editing House: Union Editorial
Editors: Jim Haygood (Union) and Bill Smedley (via Work Post – London)
Producer: Michael Romandi

Post Effects: Frame Store London
Producer: Tim Keene