Halo: Reach vs. Halo 3: Does It Measure Up?

By Kiran Aditham 

In terms of scale, scope and creative concepts, one can say it isn’t easy to top what T.A.G. (now Agencytwofifteen) did with the Halo 3 campaign, but the creative minds behind the initial concept, AKQA included, have rolled out their new multi-pronged effort for Halo: Reach.

Along with four online films–Patrol, Spaceport, New Life and Day Before–the “Remember: Reach” campaign officially rolled out last night and an extended version of the spot, “Deliver Hope,” will launch on Labor Day. In a comment to Creativity, Agencytwofifteen ECD Scott Duchon says, “The brief was simple. Make this the biggest marketing launch XBOX has ever done.” Considering the breadth of the previous Halo campaign, it seems hard to top, but this spot directed by Noam Murro gives us, well, hope.


And, in case you needed a rundown, here’s a statement from the parties behind the campaign: “Halo: Reach is the beginning of Halo’s epic saga. And it’s the most powerful chapter yet. It starts with a surprise attack on a planetary fortress followed by a raging battle that is the reason humanity still exists. “Remember Reach” is a statement, a warning, a rally cry, and an invitation, all at the same time. Even if you don’t know the mythology of Halo, if you see the words, “Remember Reach” it’s clear it was something important.” Sounds a bit dramatic, but we say it’s almost on par with its award-winning predecessor.

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