Haggar Introduces ‘Mants’ with Life Khaki Line

By Bob Marshall 

Gentlemen, let’s face it: Khakis aren’t cool. In fact, the only reason you’ll catch most guys wearing khaki pants is because they’re forced to either by their job, their spouse/significant other, or because they didn’t want to wear a suit to a more formal occasion. For me, khakis are reminiscent of my time in elementary school, where my mom would cram me into an old paid before church. They were uncomfortable, fit weird, and definitely didn’t have the cool factor of jeans.

So, how are Haggar and agency McGarrah Jessee (who you may remember from the Shiner vs. Heineken stage/billboard ripoff fiasco last summer) attempting to give their brand of khakis the cool factor that your old pair of Dockers lacks? Why, with a new TV campaign for the new Life Khaki line, which recently launched (initial spot above) and shows the difference between wearing khakis because you have to and wearing khakis because they’re manly (perhaps a move from the Old Spice playbook).


Did you know that WWII-era generals and Indiana Jones-esque adventurers wear khakis? It’s because they’re manly, and also probably because only farmer-types were wearing jeans in the 1940s. Either way, I learned in my early 20s that a well-fitting pair of khakis can definitely make you stand out in a room. A word to the wise, though, who may feel compelled to jump into a mants experiment: If the pockets of your khakis stick out while you walk around, they don’t fit right. See the newest spots from the campaign and credits after the jump.

Agency: McGarrah Jessee

CD: James Mikus

CW: Kevin Dunleavy

AD: Ross Aboud

Agency Prod: Meredith Saidel Roach

Prod Co: FUELD, Austin

Directors: Ben/Dave

Executive Producers: Brady Anderton, Summer Finley

Producers: Erin Malloy, Barry Heaps

DP: Munn Powell

Prod Design: Chris Stull

Wardrobe: Kari Perkins

Hair/Makeup: Meredith Johns

Edit: Beast, Austin

Audio: Pony Sound