Haberman Signs Target’s Group Creative Director

By Patrick Coffee 

jeff berg 2

Jeff Berg — director of art and taker of amusing headshots — has joined Minneapolis agency Haberman as its newest creative director.

You may remember Berg’s name as one of those responsible for “Sweat Up in My Crease,” a rap that various Minneapolis-based creatives wrote to help them make it through the winter of 2011 in one piece.

Berg joins Haberman from an unusual place: he most recently served as associate group creative director at Target corporate.

Berg landed that gig after spending nearly a decade with ICF’s Olson, where he was creative director. Prior to Olson, Berg was a designer at Minneapolis-based, retail-focused brand marketing agency Fame; he began his career as an art director at Nickelodeon (the very same) in New York.

In explaining why he went back into the agency world, Berg writes:

“It’s not often your personal and professional missions can align — but at Haberman, I work with people who are making a difference in the world every day. How could I say no to that?”

Haberman’s client list leans toward organic food companies and others in the health and tech spaces; no word on which accounts Berg will run.