H1N1 and You, a Helpful PSA From Your MPLS Creatives

By Matt Van Hoven 

Are you sick, like me? If so, Martin|Williams, an agency located in frigid-right-now Minneapolis, has some advice for you. Get vaccinated, cough into your elbow, don’t poop and walk (without washing your hands), go home and so on. Check out FireTheFlu(dot)com.

Luckily, all I need to do my job is fire for smoke signals and a “mobile cellular device” so working from home is no problemo. In fact, it’s a rule in the blogger’s credo, I hear. But consider this: colleges and schools are sending kids home left and right and telling them never to come back (not really, just stay home) until the swine leaves their systems. Though I don’t have H1N1, this head cold has me coughing. You don’t care, but the point is &#151 you’re an asshole if you come to work sick. For real, go the fuck home and save those around you. Right now, go. Jerks.


Also, buy soup.

Folks responsible:

&#151 David Richardson: vp, gcd
&#151 Karen McKinley: copywriter
&#151 Tom Moudry: CEO, CCO

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