gyro Paris Sends Notebooks Skyward for Oxford

By Erik Oster 

gyro Paris launched a new spot for Oxford, promoting the brand’s SOS Notes app, which allows users to scan Oxford notebooks and save them as .pdf files, with the 60-second “The Flying Notebooks.”

As a visual metaphor, gyro Paris imagined the notebooks being lugged around by drones following a group of teen students. It’s a slightly odd approach on the surface, as the drone-carried notebooks come across as discomforting and even dystopian. But then the idea is that the app lets your notes follow you anywhere and for adolescent students, of course, their work is something they’d rather escape. It also manages to show how the product can make students’ lives easier, as the teens are able skateboard and run around unencumbered. Text near the ad’s conclusion reading “Your notebooks follow you everywhere” drive the point home for any viewers not so quick on the uptake. Anyone who has ever lugged around a 30 pound backpack will understand the appeal.


Brand: Oxford
Agency: gyro Paris
Executive Creative Director: Sebastien Zanini, Pierre-Marie Faussurier
Art Director: Aurelie Casimiri
Copywriter: Margaux Castanier
Business Director: Rebecca Cremonini
Account Executive: Marion Lasselin
Head of Strategy: Evelyne Bourdonne, Zoe Sabourdy
Media Strategist: Pascal Deneuter
TV Production: Yelena Nikolic
Director: Romain Quirot
Production Company: Fat Cat