Gus Johnson, Bill Raftery Are Here to Yell, Make You Feel Nauseous for FOX Sports

By Bob Marshall 

From Pereira & O’Dell New York comes a new spot already being hailed by SB Nation as “weird” and “gross.” Starring FOX Sports’ Big East basketball commentators Gus Johnson (who FOX has been marketing as an overly loud spaz, as though that was a good thing) and Bill Raftery (who announced he was bringing his trademark nonsensical “onions!” catchphrase from ESPN to FOX in November), the spot imagines what it would be like if this odd duo was to analyze childbirth.

In addition to SB Nation‘s glowing review, Sports Grid is boldly declaring the spot an “early contender for worst ad of the year.” But don’t just take their word for it! “Terrible commercial. A bit disturbing. Not funny,” says one YouTube commenter. “Fire the idiot who approved this commercial,” says another! Well, you know what they say: When Gus Johnson pounds a desk and causes a newborn baby to come rocketing out of his mother’s vagina, you’re bound to get a big reaction. Credits after the jump.



Agency: Pereira & O’Dell New York

Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira

Executive Creative Director: Dave Arnold

Managing Director: Cory Berger

VP, Production: Jeff Ferro

Sr Integrated Producer: Victoria Whitlow

Project Manager: Kim Svarney

Client: Fox Sports 1

Robert Gottlieb: EVP, Head of Marketing

Bill Battin: Senior VP

Josh Nichols: Creative Director

Matthew Waddell: Creative Director

Emily Reenders: Producer

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Rawson Thurber

Executive Producer: Michael Sagol

Head of Production: Leigh Miller

Produce: BP Cooper