GumGum Uses Sex to Sell In-Image Advertising, Lowers IQ in Process

By Erik Oster 

Advertisers use sex to sell products all the time, so why not use sex to sell the idea of in-image advertising? Right, guys? Guys?

At least that’s the idea behind GumGum’s painful promo for their in-image advertising platform. The whole idea, really. There’s no thought put into it whatsoever. The spot, “Where Images and Ads Hook Up,” is just an attractive girl and guy beginning to hook up. When they reveal their undergarments, ugly yellow text appears superimposed on them, saying “IMAGE” on the girl, “ADVERTISEMENT” on the guy. At this point, feel free to shout “Really!?” at your computer, plant your face in your palm, or begin throwing things. We’re all a little dumber for having just watched this. Credits after the jump. 




“AD” guy: Henric Olsson

“IMAGE” girl: Roos van Mortfort



Executive Producers: Ophir Tanz, Tony Winders

Producer: Nick Garrison

Director/Creative Director:  Andrew Smart

Director of Photography: Alex di Suvero

Makeup/Hair: Lizzie Arneson

Stylist: Jelena Kristic



Editor: Richard Cooperman

Music: Nicholas Britell

Sound Design/Mix: Dave Rivera

Post-Production Supervisor: Gavin Carroll at JumpLA