Guiness “Tornado” Shows us How it’s Done (The Beer, not Advertising)

By Matt Van Hoven 

This interesting take on the Guiness brand portrays something we’ve yet to fully understand about the beer, but we’ve always wondered about. That of course, is how the brew is made. The opening scene is of a tornado, lashing about the countryside. We follow the twister, and a crew of storm chaserish people who are chasing after it, ala Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton

Before too long, it’s picked up speed and debris, and the vortex has turned a distinct chocolatey-brown, with a slight hint of foamy tan at the top. Then, the largest of the storm-chasing trucks parks, and some kind of vacuum is turned on. As the tornado passes over the truck, the twister is sucked in, and the winds immediately calm.


Finally, a small door opens on the side of the truck, revealing several bottles of Guiness. We cut back to a bar scene where a man says, “…at least that’s what I heard.” Cue lame alert.

Click continued to learn who’s responsible.

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The work was produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, London, according to Commercial-Archive, with ECDs Tim Hearn and Anton Crone at the helm. Produced by Stink Films.