Guacamole, Salsa, Diesel & Mas (Salsa): GSD&M’s Gettin’ a Taco Truck

By Matt Van Hoven 

GSD&M lives in a happy little Texas town called Austin, where converted Airstream campers are all the rage if you like selling unique foods, or just common foods whose heritage originates from a country juuuust south a bit. And the agency’s “un-beso-para-el-cocinador” (kiss the cook, roughly translated) apron clad head honcho Roy Spence just bought one of these aforementioned Airstreams* and intends to convert ‘er into a taco truck.

The city has seen its fair share of food-friendly campers, including some that purvey (yep!) other tacos, sushi, cupcakes and probably fellatio real late at night. Jumping onto this bandwagon could be a boon for Spence, who put off walking around (we hear) to make this happen.

Spence has been making hot-sauce for years and had the creative ingenuity to call his brand “Royito’s”. Now you too can be part of a special group of colleagues, clients and friends (of Spence) who for years have been receiving the stuff as Christmas gifts (if you happen to be in Austin and run into his truck whenever it will operate during the time frame in which it is in business).

According to the Austin Chronicle, there are already quite a few of these trucks and they are well known to boot. Could be tough for Spence to get his in line; is it too late? Meh.

*Actual camper not pictured

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