GSTV Launches Internal Creative Studio Ignite

By Erik Oster 

Yet another client has taken things in-house.

GSTV, the national digital video network for gas stations, developed its own creative service called Ignite.

Ignite will offer original content specifically designed for the platform as well as modification of existing content for the GSTV platform. It will also provide creative consultancy services for brands and agencies on how best to reach audiences on GSTV.


“Our goal as a national video platform is to be a true partner to brands and agencies. Building Ignite, a dedicated agency for creating content in our unique space, allows us to customize and solve true brands’ marketing challenges and increasingly drive business outcomes by helping tell stories in compelling and unexpected ways,” GSTV president and CEO Sean McCaffrey explained in a statement. “The new internal creative offering will work with brands looking for original content or to modify content for the digital OOH platform.”

“At PepsiCo we have worked with the GSTV team and our agency partners over the course of multiple campaigns to understand how best to scale our brand campaigns and assets on GSTV,” Pepsi Beverage director, media Kate Brady added. “We’re excited to see them launch Ignite and know the impact their expertise has provided to make our campaigns more successful each time.”

GSTV’s dedicated content includes its Word of the Day and Hot This Week series. Ignite has produced a GSTV Summer Road Trip series highlighting different locations which will launch on July 4 and run throughout the summer travel season.

“As a network, we’re constantly developing new and unique content touchpoints with our audience,” GSTV vice president, marketing Jessica Armstrong said in a statement. “The goal is grabbing—and keeping—their attention, and the creative and production talent of the Ignite team, combined with intel from our brand partners, helps make that happen.”

So what kind of content will this new entity churn out? Here’s the sizzle reel.

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