GS&P Takes on Donald Trump (Again) With ‘Accomplishments’

By Erik Oster 

Goodby Silverstein & Partners is the latest agency to issue (another) statement against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with this new “Accomplishments” video.

The video largely deals with a list of some of the country’s major accomplishments. You know, like putting a man on the moon, flying across the Atlantic for the first time, inventing rock and roll, creating the internet and, oh yeah, Michael Phelps.

We didn’t do all these things, the voiceover contends, just to have the entire world laugh at us in November!

At this point the image zooms out to show the planet, all of which would presumably be laughing at our sorry country should we elect Trump as our next president. It concludes with a close up of Trump’s face and the text, “History is watching.” followed by one word: “Vote,” in red, white and blue font.


The “History is watching” line harkens back to a similarly-themed video the agency made back in July. As with that effort, we’re not sure how much of an impact this is going to have on getting anyone that wasn’t already compelled by the candidate’s idiocy to get to the polls in November to do so now.

GS&P is of course only one of a handful of agencies to express their opposition to the GOP’s joke of a candidate. Over a year ago, TDA Boulder weighed in, thanking Trump for being a racist idiot. Some creatives at barettSF launched a “Shit for Trump” effort in February, followed by a group of anonymous creatives urging young voters to oppose him in the primaries and 180LA mocked “The Wall” for camera company 360fly at the start of the summer.