GS&P, Rock the Vote Entice Voters with New Music Streaming Only Near Polling Stations

By Erik Oster 

Goodby Silverstein & Partners teamed up with Rock the Vote and artists Watsky and Adam Vida, The Head and the Heart and Local Natives to find a new way to entice voters to the polls on Election Day: new music.

Fans of the artists will be able to hear new tracks on November 8 at, but only if they’re near a polling station. Interested individuals can find the closest polling station on the site and then stream the tunes while waiting to cast their ballot.

The effort utilized Google Maps APIs and the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Voting Information Project to create the location-based offering.

While listeners won’t technically have to be at a poll to hear the tracks, the idea is that it will entice some voters who otherwise might not have left the house to cast a ballot — if they’re going to take the time to find a nearby polling station to hear the tracks, they’re probably also going to head in and vote. Say what you will about the approach, but at least it’s not yet another celebrity-laden video.


GS&P, of course, has been very active this election cycle, releasing anti-Trump efforts “Our President,” “Accomplishments” and “The Personalized Anti-Trump Ad Generator.”