GS&P Introduces Sweetos, Cheetos’ First Sweet Snack

By Erik Oster 

Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched a campaign introducing Sweetos, the first sweet Cheetos snack in the brand’s 67 year history.

The campaign introduces the item by parodying a tech launch. In “Press Conference” a representative at a “Snack Developers Conference” introduces the “revolutionary” item by claiming “We’re not just changing Easter treats, we’re changing the universe.” Goodby Silverstein & Partners continues the snack item as tech joke in “No Features,” which highlights that Sweetos doesn’t have a music player, camera or voice recognition but rather is “Just delicious.” The agency changes up the approach for “Chocolate Bunny,” which takes aim at the Easter staple for having eyes that stare back at you, ears that can hear you eat it and “weird, little feet.”

The tech parody approach, done much earlier and better by IKEA, already feels like a contender for ad cliche of the year. It certainly doesn’t help that this follows so quickly on the heels of RPA’s “Launch” for featuring Jeff Goldblum as “Silicon Valley maverick” Brad Bellflower, but the idea was stale long before then (the aforementioned IKEA ad came out a year and a half ago and has seen a host of imitators since). As such, “Chocolate Bunny” works far better than the rest of the bunch and the delivery of its dry humor is actually pretty spot-on. Hopefully that ad signifies the direction Goodby Silverstein & Partners will take Sweetos’ advertising in the future.