GS&P Celebrates Its Own ‘Daughters of the Evolution’ in Cannes Panel Video

By Erik Oster 

For GS&P’s “Daughters of the Evolution” Cannes Panel, the agency enlisted the world’s toughest critics. Not awards show judges panels or, uh, AgencySpy, but the daughters of female industry leaders.

Directed by Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles, Always’ “Like A Girl”), the video segment features the daughters of GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson, Design Army co-founder and CCO Pum Lefubure, Leo Burnett Canada CEO and North America CCO Judy John, Prettybird president Kerstin Lemhoff and R/GA U.S. CCO Chloe Gottlieb.

So what do they really think of mom? They all seem to agree that their moms “travel a lot,” and variously describe their mothers as “very bossy at home and at work” and “very intimidating” to friends. That said, they all seem to have a good deal of respect for their moms and the work they do. When asked about their favorite campaigns their moms have worked on, the girls mention Beyonce‘s “Formation” music video, anti-bullying PSA “I Am A Witness,” Always’ “Like A Girl” and H&M’s “She’s A Lady.”

It’s a cute segment, shining a light on female industry leaders who serve as strong role models for their daughters and advertising creatives alike, as well as the positive effects such campaigns as “Like A Girl” and “Love Has No Labels” are having on the younger generation. The segment also allows the kids to opine the negative side of having moms who work so much. (They tend to get “a little cranky” at times and are “always stressed out.”)


Perhaps as a result, only one of the daughters says she wants to be “a boss” like her mom, while the others are more interested in art, soccer, directing and becoming “a novelist that changes the world through education.”