GS&P and Xfinity Explore the Wonders of Hands-Free Technology in ‘Future of Awesome’ Extension

By Patrick Coffee 

Hey Siri, why does everyone keep talking about voice activation technology?

Frankly, we’ve never used it. But it’s all over the place in products like Xfinity’s X1 voice remote, which allows those of us who still have cable (and even some of those boundary-breakers who don’t) to bypass all those damned buttons and just tell the TV what you really want.

This stuff isn’t just for dorks, and a new campaign by Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Xfinity demonstrates exactly why on a more personal or domestic level.

First, there’s a classic love triangle involving a man, a woman and a football team.

Not all Irish people have red hair. But parenthood in all its colorful varieties, right??

These spots were directed by Steve Miller of Radical Media, the same guy who helped lead a campaign you may have heard of called The Most Interesting Man in the World. They’re also the latest in the “Future of Awesome” effort that started way back in 2012

“The voice remote is now in more than 14 million homes and people are talking into it about 325 million times each month,” according to the press release, so this is happening. We do not choose the red pill.

The new work involves all media including OOH, digital and social. But the most interesting thing we learned from Xfinity’s Twitter feed is that Will & Grace is coming back to NBC.

Wait, why??