GSD&M’s First Work For Goodyear: Pass or Fail?

By Michael Musco 

Here’s a look at the first work from the folks at GSD&M for Goodyear tires since the Austin-based agency won the account in April of last year. Dubbed “More Driven,” this campaign highlights some of the brand’s achievements from being the official tire of NASCAR to the first tires on the moon and the tires that broke the land-speed record while also being the tire of choice for U.S. military vehicles, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Hollywood stunt drivers, the presidential limo and so on.

With all that said, the whole idea behind this campaign is that Goodyear wants to convey that it’s taking everything it’s learned over the years and applying it to the tires they roll out for you, the consumer. This campaign was completed during the brief Mike Wilson era at GSD&M, which developed a font based on the Goodyear logo that “that allows bold statements to be made over aggressive imagery.” We guess by “aggressive imagery,” they mean the pseudo-heavy metal combined with fast cars that showcase the might of Goodyear tires. Can you just feel the testosterone flowing?


Credits and two more spots from the campaign after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Mike Wilson
Group Creative Directors:  Luke Sullivan, John Trahar, Rich Tlapek, Tom Gilmore
Creative Director/Art Director: Wes Whitener, Jay Russell

Creative Director/Writer: Zach Rener, Mitch Bennett

Art Director: Matthew Barker (Proving Grounds + print)

Writer: Colin Gray (Proving Grounds + print)

Executive Producer: Shannon Worley
Producer: Laura Carter

Production company: Logan
Director : Alexei Tylevich
Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis
Cinematographer: Barry Peterson
Line Producer: Michael Angelos