GSD&M? Where The Crack At?

By SuperSpy 

GSD&M has a project coming out of the gate. No, no. Don’t be silly. It’s a not a paid campaign! Although, the shop has partnered with developer Metaversatility to create a research program across virtual worlds, providing clients with consumer, product and experiential insight and knowledge.

Blink. Blink. Nope. That text is still there. GSD&M is getting into the virtual reality game. Insert joke about them having a hard time in reality here.


Idea City and Metaversatility have collaborated to “fill a gaping hole in the growing marketing channels that are 2-and 3-D virtual worlds” with this thing called the IdeaBot system, which “automatically screens and surveys market research panelists in various virtual worlds, including Second Life, allowing for a large and diverse selection of responses. Most importantly though, the IdeaBots allow for the research to happen in-world, instead of, like with other virtual worlds research offerings, being kicked out to the internet to complete an on-line survey.”

As exciting as virtual worlds are, we know that deep knowledge and insight are needed to ensure that they are effective channels for our clients and their business objectives. We are excited to provide our clients with a unique service offering, combining world class research, marketing and in-world build capabilities,” said Rene Huey-Lipton, Director of Marketplace Planning at GSD&M Idea City.

Hey, Greed, Sex, Drugs and Money? Puff, puff, pass okay? You guys don’t seem to be learning any lessons. Virtual worlds are amazing enclaves, but if the business has learned anything about them it’s that they are places of escape and imagination where consumers don’t necessarily want to be bombarded with real world antics like um, surveys. You are interrupting the experience. That’s an even older lesson. Brands dabbling in virtual worlds need to do so with so much authenticity that they’re bullet proof. Do you guys think that querying Second Lifers or those in Gaia is bulletproof?

You know what… go ask Greg Verdino of Crayon. He’ll tell you all about it.