GSD&M, Walgreens Give ‘Scraps’ for the Holidays

By Erik Oster 

GSD&M launched a holiday campaign for Walgreens with the pooch-powered broadcast spot “Scraps.”

“Scraps” opens on a shaggy dog who manages to knock a Walgreens flyer off of the table. With  the flyer in mouth, the dog runs to the local Walgreens, where it is greeted by friendly staff eager to help. On Christmas morning, the dog’s family is surprised to find a series of gifts from their canine companion. How, exactly, the dog managed to pay for the items remains a mystery.

“Scraps” is a pretty straightforward ad, relying on its cute canine to endear itself to audiences while the voicevoer touts Walgreens as the place to find “that perfect little something.” We can’t imagine who does their holiday shopping at Walgreens, making that whole pitch a little odd, but at the very least you have to admit it is a cute dog (although the ad’s cutesiness arguably goes way over the top). “Scraps” made its debut yesterday and will run through December 25, supported by radio and digital executions in a similar vein.

Agency: GSD&M
Launch Date: 11/29/15
Spot Title: Scraps
Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Victor Camozzi, Bryan Edwards
CD/Art Director: Joel Guidry
CD/Writer: Jake Camozzi
Executive Producer: Sara Cherry
Producer: Bebe Baldwin
Editor: Sam Selis, Beast
Account Service: Brad Nadal, Samantha Rendon, Sarah Page, Nancy Ryan
Marketplace Planning: Luke Dreyer


Production Company: Bob Industries
Director: Harry Cocciolo
DP: Josh Hess
Exec Producers: TK Knowles, Chuck Ryant, John O’Grady
Line Producer: Phillip Sheridan

Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Sam Selis
Asst Editor: Brandon Brown
Exec Producer: Ron Rendon
Producer: Jon Saltzman

VFX: Method Studios
VFX Supervisor: Vernon Wilbert
Senior Producer: Pip Malone
Exec Producer: Stephanie Gilgar

Music House: Dogwalk Music
Composers: Matt Downs, Danny Wilde