GSD&M Really Likes to Get in, Do Something, Then Get on With Life

By Matt Van Hoven 

Two of GSD&M’s clients have very similar tag lines. We sent the shop a note, but haven’t heard back. What we (meaning us + you) want to know is how they became so awesome at selling clients the same. exact. thing. Well, almost the same.

First up, the brand new tag campaign line for Ace Hardware. “Get in. Get help. Get on with your life.” See the ad here.


Hmm, that feels vaguely familiar, no? Indeed it is. Please tell Chili’s we will be eating lunch from one of their fine restaurants today, because we know we can Get in, get out, and get on with our lives. Found it!

Update: The client is aware of the similarity, says GSD&M, but since Chili’s and Ace are in different categories, they don’t mind. Also, Ace’s official tag is “The Helpful Place”. Different teams wrote these lines.

I don’t want to mince words here. This isn’t to say these are bad tag lines. But I think if you sat down with Roy Spence and a few glasses of scotch and asked him, like, “hey Roy &#151 what’s the deal” he’d be all, “C’mon brother, the lines work. That’s good copy. Yeah, we wrote them both. Yeah, they’re really really similar. But you can only squeeze the toilet tissue so many times. Kna’m sayin?” Disclosure: Roy did not say this. And I hear he’s a supremely awesome dude so we hope he doesn’t mind a little fun-poking. In this imaginary conversation, he ends his remarks with, “Have some more Royito’s. You’ll feel better.” I do feel better Roy. Thanks!

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