GSD&M Combines Drinking, Spearfishing for Pacifico

By Erik Oster 

GSD&M has a new campaign for Pacifico, entitled “Yellow Caps,” set to roll out this summer.

“Yellow Caps” is a term “coined by bartenders and refers to Pacifico’s bright yellow bottle caps, which are easily identifiable in crowded beer coolers.” For GSD&M’s latest campaign they have utilized the iconic caps, with the underside used to engage consumers with printed GPS coordinates marking one of 21 incredible spots throughout Baja, mainland Mexico and on the Pacific coast of the U.S. Each cap also encourages consumers to visit the newly-designed, where visitors can enter their GPS coordinates to “drop in to a unique locale and activity like spearfishing in Santa Maria Bay, surfing in Scorpion Bay or camping on Playa el Requesón.”


The initiative is designed as a tie-in to the agency’s new broadcast spots, which attempt to appeal to Pacifico drinkers’ sense of adventure. In “Spearfishing” (featured above), for example, a group of friends set out in a boat, drinking Pacifico and spearfishing. While you might question whether drinking and spearfishing are  the best combination, GSD&M make it appear fun. Nobody gets stabbed and the friends grill up the fish on the beach following their catch.

“Pacifico’s popularity has expanded significantly in the last five years; it is now available in all 50 states,” said Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer for Constellation Brands Beer Division, Pacifico’s exclusive U.S. importer. “This new campaign gives every Pacifico drinker the opportunity to  experience the Baja lifestyle that shapes the brand’s boundless spirit.” Credits after the jump.


Agency: GSD&M

Client: Pacifico

Title: Cliff Jumping and Spearfishing

Launch Date: 6/2/14

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell

Creative Director/AD: Joel Davis

Creative Director/Writer: Andy Miller

Account Service: Jeff Orth and Mario Solis

Executive Producers: Laura Busino, Paul Gallardo

Producer: Taylor Johns

Print/Art Producer: Kelly Grant

Project Manager: Marlo Gil

Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic

Experience and Insights: John D’Acierno

Information Technology: Jerry Rios, Lisa McIntyre

Production Company: Milkt Films

Director: Taylor Steele

Executive Producer: Lindha Narvaez

Editorial Company: Beast

Editor: Sam Selis

Production Company (web): Welikesmall