GSD&M Adds More New Blood To The Body

By SuperSpy 

GSD&M recently hired Mark Taylor away from Crispin Porter. Now, the agency has added David Hennagin from Bernsten-Rein to be in charge of the agency’s direct marketing efforts. This will directly pertain to Greed, Sex’s current clients AT&T and Southwest Airlines.

Hennagin also pulled stints at DDB and TBWA. He replaces Jim Warren who is now a Transactional Marketing Executive, Direct to Consumer with an emphasis on Brand and Direct Integration (whew!) according to LinkedIn.


You know what we think? This isn’t to be enough of a shock to the Idea City body. They need more new, inspiring VPs, a total refresh in the creative department (Taylor may help towards that end), a shuffling of the management and processes… Hmm… what else? Oh, Greed, Sex has got to do something about the morale of their current employees. It’s beyond low. It’s subterranean.