Grip Limited Raises Testicular Cancer Awareness with Ballsy Campaign

By Erik Oster 

Toronto-based Grip Limited have a new campaign for Testicular Cancer Canada that’s, well, ballsy.

The agency employed risque humor to raise testicular cancer awareness and get more guys to self-examine regularly. Built around the tagline, “No one’s going to check them for you,” Grip’s two TV spots, directed by Matt Swanson, show men receiving testicular exams from unexpected sources, resulting in some pretty ridiculous (and funny) situations. In the first, and more successful spot, “Cop,” a guy is pulled over for a broken taillight. “Let me see your driver’s license,” says the cop, “….aaaand your testicles.” The humor in the spot comes from the resultant avoidance (and non-avoidance) of eye contact and awkward looks during the exam. “Mechanic” is basically the same idea, but with a mechanic in an auto body shop instead of a cop. It could just be that I viewed “Cop” first, but something about it just wasn’t as funny. Nevertheless, both spots make admirable use of humor to make a message that’s all too often forgotten memorable, an admirable accomplishment, especially when you consider the prevalence of testicular cancer.

“Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men ages 15-29”, explained Testicular Cancer Canada founder Cheryl Perry explained . “If you try to sit these guys down and teach them something, they might tune you out. But if you make them laugh, they’ll remember what you’re saying”.


In addition to the TV spots, the integrated campaign, which is timed to coincide with Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, also features radio advertising from Pirate Toronto and an online testicular cancer “remote scanner.” As you might have guessed, the remote scanner asks dudes to place their balls on their phone screen only to display an error message telling them to check their balls themselves. Stick around for credits and “Mechanic” after the jump.


Agency: Grip Limited

CD: David Chiavegato

CD: Rich Pryce-Jones

CW: Trevor Gourley

AD: Julia Morra

Developer: Brian Dinga

Account Director: Martin McClorey

Agency Producer: Tricia Lapadario

Assistant Agency Producer: Chantel Brinkman

Production Company: Sons & Daughters

Director: Matt Swanson

Producer: Jeff Darragh

Editorial: Saints Toronto

Editor: Stephen Sora

Audio: Pirate Toronto

Director: Tom Eymundson

Engineer: Kyle Anderson

Colour: Alter Ego

Colourist: Conor Fisher

Online: The Juggernaut

CG Artist: James Hawkins