Grey NY Reimagines ‘Impossible’ for Canon

By Patrick Coffee 

This morning, Canon announced a “massive rebranding initiative” led by its creative AOR Grey New York.

The project runs under the new tagline “See Impossible,” and it includes several elements: a new logo, new tagline and new “digital hub” at a new URL that’s worth a click for the 3D spinning cube.

The general idea is to move Canon from being a producer of camera technology to being a sort of creative partner. First video spot, starring an aspiring filmmaker who refused to move to L.A.:

According to the copy, Canon wants to go “beyond photography.” Another spot below.


The copy on this teaser goes a bit further with Canon’s statement of purpose (the URL also had a countdown ticker, etc.):


And here’s the second video, starring a very determined author who did it her damn self:

While the book in the spot above isn’t real, this print execution is:

canon print

…and it’s all part of a long-term rebrand for the company. The release calls it “a multiyear effort by Canon” that will include digital, multimedia and live events, but we don’t have creative credits at the moment.