Grey New York and The Ad Council Learn to Laugh at Each Other Together

By Patrick Coffee 

We usually turn to the Ad Council when we want to learn more about somber topics like the challenges facing autistic kids, the value of diversity and inclusion and the horrible after-effects of earthquakes in countries that are not the U.S.

This week, however, Grey New York and the org joined forces to call attention to something far more urgent: the relationship between the Ad Council and the agencies it counsels.

In this short, actor Pete Holmes plays AT&T Mobility CMO David Christopher as a typically insufferable suit who may have a few opinions about the industry.


There were a couple of good, if light, digs in there. It must really hurt Droga5 to hear someone joke about all their industry plaudits, and we can’t imagine that Sir Martin Sorrell has ever visited a strip club. Our readers could probably do better or at least more bitter.

You already know that the video aired at this week’s annual Ad Council dinner which we did not attend because Stephen Colbert was pretty good last year and we didn’t want to be disappointed by Joel McHale’s performance. If he books so many standup shows, why doesn’t he post clips of them on YouTube?!

You also know that R/GA’s “Love Has No Labels” won all the gold bars and that Pereira & O’Dell took home the silver and that the event was “incredibly inspiring for all of those who support the Ad Council and our campaigns” and here are the winners, the end.