Grey London Touts Healthy Snacking for Go Ahead

By Erik Oster 

Grey London get rather fantastical in their new 30-second spot for Go Ahead, featuring wrestlers, a brass band, lots of drummer, and men with jet packs, all set to a Backstreet Boys song.

In the spot, entitled “The Most Important Snack of the Day” a woman sits at her drab office desk and takes a bite out of her Go Ahead snack bar. Immediately she is transported to a bright, fantastical world where she is hoisted up above the crazy scene below. It’s old-fashioned glitz and cheese, without a hashtag or social initiative in in sight, which is kind of refreshing. Surprisingly enough, the elaborate production for the spot was purportedly shot in only one take. Stick around for credits after the jump.



Agency: Grey London
Creative: Jay Marlow
Producer: Ange Eleni /Sam Napper
Production company: Fieldtrip
Director: D.A.D.D.Y.
Executive Producer: Michael Adamo
Producer: Mike Capon
Post Producer: Davey Ahern
Post Production: Fieldtrip