Grey London Illuminates Cyclists for Volvo

By Erik Oster 

Operating under the insight that “Every year in the UK over 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents,” Grey London and Volvo collaborated with Swedish startup Albedo100 to create a safety spray called LifePaint, designed to make cyclists more visible at night.

The above video begins by sharing the statistic, and documents the implementation of the initiative in London, a particularly dangerous locale for cyclists. For a car brand so focused on safety, the idea makes a lot of sense. As one cyclist in the video puts it, “…cycle safety in London is not all about bicycles; it’s about cars, it’s about pedestrians, it’s about sharing the road with other users. So it’s great that a car brand has got involved.”


LifePaint is being given away at bicycle shops in London and Kent beginning today and, if successful, will roll out nationally — and perhaps even internationally. Grey London also created posters using LifePaint which are “invisible” until presented with the flash of a camera or smart phone. One such poster shares the message, “The best way to survive a crash is not to crash,” a line that appear in the video as well.

“Our job isn’t just to advertise our clients,” Nils Leonard, chairman and CCO of Grey London, told Adweek. “It’s to help them make a positive impact on culture. With the creation of LifePaint, we’ve turned Volvo safety inside out, giving it away to the most vulnerable road users. What more positive action can a brand take than to try to save lives?”


Client: Volvo
Creative Agency: Grey London
Chief Creative Officer: Nils Leonard
Creative Director: Hollie Newton
Creative Team: Jonas Roth, Rasmus Smith Bech
Account Team: Cristyn Bevan, Sophie Critchley, Alex Nixon
Planning: Wiktor Skoog
Head of Film: Glenn Paton
Integrated Producer: Francesca Mair
Assistant Producer: Talia Shear
Designer/ Typographer: Chris Chapman
Creative Producers: Helen Llewelyn, Glen McLeod
LifePaint Collaborators: Albedo100
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Andrew Telling
DOP: Jeremy Valender
Executive Producer: Louise Gagen
Producer: Adam Smith
Editor: Matt Newman at GreyWorks
Colourist: Julien Biard at Finish
Post Production: Gramercy Park Studios
Sound Design: Munzie Thind at Grand Central Studios
Music Composition: Adam Halogen through Wake The Tow
Microsite: Paul Cackett, Piers Cleveland-Copeman and Johan Runge-Goransson @