Grey, Ketchum Auction Off Red Sox Beards for Gillette

By Erik Oster 

After forever tainting beards and depressing me by winning the World Series (disclosure: I’m a Baltimore Orioles fan), the Boston Red Sox said goodbye to their playoff-grown facial hair in a mass “Shave Off” at Gillette World Shaving Headquarters on Monday, November 4.

If you’d like to commemorate that event, you’ll be glad to know that the “Gillette Fusion ProGlide razors that were used to shave each champion beard,” as well as the beards themselves — called beard ball trophies — are up for auction on eBay thanks to agencies Grey and Ketchum. It’s kind of gross and creepy, but at least it’s for a good cause. All of the proceeds for the auction are being donated to Movember, the global mens charity raising awareness and funds for prostate health through the growth of November mustaches that you may have read about here this month. If you’re interested, you can bid on Shane Victorino’s beard ball here (the current bid is $1,550), or World Series MVP David Ortiz’s beard here (current bid 3,050). “I’m glad that the beard that helped me throughout the series can now help raise funds for a great organization like Movember,” said Ortiz.


Gillette senior brand manager Hooman Shahidi says of the Red Sox shavings, “their facial hair has been the symbol of the team since spring training and became part of baseball lore. We hope the shavings help raise awareness for important men’s health issues and find good homes with passionate fans.” I know this is for a good cause and everything, but I’m trying to imagine the type of fan who spends thousands of dollars to obtain and display the facial hair of their favorite player, and “passionate” is not the word that comes to mind.