Grey Argentina Explores the Healing Properties of Washing Dishes

By Patrick Coffee 

This Cannes submission from Grey Latam’s Argentinian office deals in a bit more psychological nuance than your average North American campaign.

In order to promote dishwashing liquid Magistral, the first spot essentially argues that the very act of washing dishes manually serves as a form of therapy that can help resolve whatever “issues” happen to be unsettling your mind at the moment.

Take, for example, the touchy-feely boss and the socially anxious employee:

The second ad in the series concerns a wife whose husband is considering an…awkward tattoo:

Nice to know that wives around the world have problematic relationships with their mothers-in-law and that almost every employee has a love/hate thing for his overly affectionate boss.

Yet, despite the therapeutic properties of what the release calls a “tedious, domestic task,” we still prefer to use a dishwasher whenever possible.