Greenpeace Uses Humor in Attempt to ‘Stop the Madness’

By Erik Oster 

Greenpeace tapped writer/director Olivier Agostini to create a comedic video for their efforts to stop Arctic drilling.

In the nearly four minute video, small-business owner (and whale music afficionado) Gary Stephenson explains to elderly office assistant Dina her latest mission: to attach a banner to an oil rig in the Russian Arctic. He explains the rigorous trials Dina will face on her mission, all of which actually happened to the team of dedicated Greenpeace activists known as the Arctic 30 — including being  “blasted by water cannons…shot at, and eventually arrested and detained for 12 months in a Russian prison.” The online film contains actual footage from the real event toward its conclusion.


“This film is a comedic interpretation of a very serious situation that is currently happening in Russia,” said Agostini. “We wanted to draw attention to plight of the Arctic 30 without solely relying on documentary style footage. We hope this film will reach and raise awareness to a broader audience, not just green-minded individuals,  in an entertaining and engaging way.”

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Title: The Arctic 30 Story Isn’t Over
Client: Greenpeace
Director: Olivier Agostini
Writer: Olivier Agostini
Production Agency / Concept: Future Camp
Production Company: Future Camp in association with Greenpoint Pictures
Creative Director: James Turner
Art Director: Iris Andrews
“Gary”: Dennis Delsing
“Dina”: Barbara Conway
“Tony”: Myles Cranford
VO: James Turner
Producer: Rebekah Sindoris
Production Coordinator: Karen Henry
Assistant Production Coordinator: Roman Guisset
1st AD: Stephanie Cluff
DOP: Chris Saul
1st AC: Kyle Wright
D.I.T.: Earl Fulcher
Gaffer: Team Bashet
BB Electric: Zak Hindle
Key Grip: Matthew Brown
Swing/Grip/Elec: Matthew Siriouthay
Art Director: Jessica Manke
Set Dresser: Noam Karl
Set Dresser: Heather Drouillard
Set Dresser: Brad Salo
Art PA: Carli Barajas
Stylist: Erika Melody Frank
Wardrobe PA: Cherish Lee Crum
Sound Mixer: Josh Chavez
SFX: Joel Gerlach
Editor: Olivier Agostini & Aron Rosenthal
Post: C03
Color Correction: C03