Great Guns Filmtracks Santigold for Pepsi

By Erik Oster 

Production company Great Guns mixes molotov cocktails and soccer in their filmtrack for Santigold’s “Kicking Down Doors,” part of Pepsi’s Beats of the Beautiful Game visual album.

For Santigold’s filmtrack, director Andy Morahan was inspired by “The Christmas Truce,” a soccer-fueled temporary peace that took place between English and German forces on Christmas Day, 1915. “The English and German soldiers put down their guns and played some football in No Man’s Land,” explains Morahan. “I was thinking of a way to try and tell that story in a modern light. Obviously I didn’t have the budget for a war scene, but a riot was more reasonable as a severe stand-off between people. It’s showing football, and sport by extension, as this beacon for humanity.”


In the film, a riot breaks out, with molotov cocktail wielding forces squaring off against riot police. A group of boys falls asleep at the edge of the scene. When one of their balls makes its way into the heart of action, both sides throw down their arms and beginning playing an impromptu pickup game. It’s not a bad idea for a World Cup spot, but seems a bit stretched out as an over four minute music video — although you may feel differently if you actually enjoy the song.

Morahan filmed the scene in Kiev, which has seen its share of rioting in recent history, although he insists the location was chosen purely out of convenience. “I was in Prague and wanted to shoot it there but the budget wouldn’t fit, so we were only an hour flight from Kiev and I’d worked there before so knew some people there who could help me out,” he explains. “Really, it was just close by and it fit the budget.” Stick around for credits after the jump.


Director: Andy Morahan

Production Company: Great Guns

Artist: Santigold

Executive Producer: Frank Cooper III

Produced by: Jonathon Ker and Laura Gregory

Executive Producer: Randi Wilens

Beats of the Beautiful Game Film Producer: Jodi Lederman

Executive Producer: Sheridan Thomas

Director of Photography: David Procter

Co-producer: Annie Hanlon & Tim Francis

Editor: James Demetriou

Location Services Company: Radioactive Films

Radioactive Executive Producers: Roman Indrachu & Darko Skulsky

Producer: Tanya Neistova

Post Production: Absolute Post

Audio: Culum Simpson @ Jungle