Grant Hill Is Booted Out Of DDB

By SuperSpy 

Grant Hill, a long time production executive at DDB Chicago, has been ousted. After 26 years, DDB was quoted as saying his position was “eliminated.” The cantankerous Lewis Lazare takes some stabs at DDB and pens a beautiful written homage to Hill. Here’s the highlights:

Lazare attributes the elimination of the position to a “lack of significant new business since Rick Carpenter came aboard as CEO of DDB’s flagship Chicago.”

And… “Many familiar with Hill say he was instrumental in helping the agency produce some of its most highly regarded work for Anheuser-Busch and other clients on the DDB roster during the agency’s heyday. “Grant was great at finding and bringing in top talent,” said one source in the local post-production community. “He was a true beacon to those who worked with him,” said another former DDB staffer, who wistfully remembers the agency’s glory days.”


We wish Hill tons of luck and many good wishes. Question – what is DDB going to do without a production chief? Just askin’.

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